Zygomatic Implant Course 2024

Zygomatic Implant Course 2024

The Objective: The Zygoma Project is to share a restorative philosophy of treatment, which allows colleagues to fully understand and practice graftless techniques such as All-on-4, Zygomatic Implants, Palatal Approach, and Immediate Loading. The program contemplates surgical and restorative phases of these techniques, using theoretical lectures, and surgical and prosthetic hands-on workshops. Our goal is to provide a complete formation of professionals interested in the biological and mechanical advantages that this treatment philosophy has to offer.

The Program:


•  Historical Background of the Rehabilitation of Atrophic Maxilla  With Bone Grafts 

•  Graftless Procedures  

• Principles of the All-on-4 technique: 

•  Biomechanical Principles; 

•  Minimum Number of Implants; 

•  Anchorage on Native Bone; 

•  High Primary Stability; 

• Immediate Loading.  

• Palatal Approach: Surgical Technique and Literature     

• Surgical Planning of the All-on-4 Technique o Planning of High Smile Line Cases 

•  All-on-4 Hybrid and All-on-4 Zygoma: Rehabilitations with Zygomatic Fixtures 

• Anatomy of the Zygoma 

•  Surgical Techniques 

•  Research Results on Biomechanical and Clinical Outcomes 

•  Surgical Hands-on Workshops: All-on-4 with Zygomatic Implants

• Live Demo Surgery 

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